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  1. Earlier today, Leighann on D-Mom Blog posted about how her family all run Macs, and how all diabetes kit seems to run on PC's.

    Sorry Mac users, but that makes me very happy indeed. Now obviously, I want everything that we use to be available for everyone who needs it, regardless of their operating system of choice. I'm not wanting to deny you the right to download readings. That would be both stupid and mean. But I really hate Macs. 

    I don't like things by Apple. I just don't get them. PCs just work so much better, and for half the price. This is an odd time to be posting my pro-pc-ness, being as my laptop is on the fritz at the moment. However, I tend to hear many, many more reports from friends with Macs about how software isn't compatible, or how their shiny shiny product has broken down and has to go back to the Apple store to be fixed. 

    So when the iPhone launched, I wasn't exactly bothered. The iPad, I believe is fairly pointless. But a friend's iPhone came up in conversation over the weekend. I mentioned a great steal I'd got on a pair of leather trousers for using when riding Andrew's motorbike. We came to the conclusion that I'd got them so cheaply because the sizes had been posted in European sizes, and no-one knows what the heck they are. As it is, they were a size smaller than I would have ideally liked, but they fit ok. So he said how he had a measurement converter on the iPhone. Thinking that I was posing a challenge, I asked if it would convert mmol/l to mg/dl. Mainly because I'm sick of having to write in conversions with a pencil in most of the diabetes books I own. You crazy Americans and your strange measurements! (I love you all really)
    Turns out that yes, it did! Right below sizes for men's shirts. I was suitably impressed with this. I would very much like this function on my phone - an old cast off of Nick and Kieran, after I put yet another phone through the washing machine. But would something like this convince me to switch to an iPhone? It's cool, but no way. I'm Mitchell, not Webb.

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    1. Anonymous said...

      That is so funny because I think YOU guys have the weird measurements!

      When I very first read your blog and saw the different measurements,I had to google it to find out how to convert to mg/dL. :)

    2. You know you need to find out the name of that app, and let us know, right? We iPhone (& iPad) users are taking over the world. :-)

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