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  1. During last Friday's mad hypo incident, my medic alert bracelet broke. How annoying. It was actually my second version of the same bracelet, after my first one snapped back in December. The very nice people that I bought it off replaced it without any complaint. I wouldn't put down their customer service - it was excellent. I plan to give them a ring, in case they're willing to replace it again. 

    However, I'm wondering if beaded bracelets are just not the right fit for me? It might be that I'm just a bit too 'rough and tumble' for something so delicate! I had an amusing conversation on twitter with Holly from Arnold and Me about bracelets. We both admitted to be more than a little clutzy, and I said I would probably end up resorting to something coated in kryptonite! 

    Jokes aside though, I'm currently wearing my band on a piece of ribbon. Works for now, but I need something else. I'm really quite picky here. I want something attractive, but robust. I'd be willing to consider a leather cuff of some sort, but they all seem to look either too broad, or remind me of a watch strap. I already wear a watch - I don't need two straps! I don't really want to wear a necklace, either. I don't want something that slides up and down my wrist. I don't want one of those rubber sports type bands. I'm not actually sure that the thing I want exists. As soon as I find something I seem to like, it turns out I can't fit what I need on there, engraving wise. It won't fit my name, for heaven's sake!

    So I'm finding the whole shopping experience frustrating. To be fair, I find this to be true whatever I'm shopping for. Shoes, trousers, you name it, I hate shopping for it. So does anyone have any good leads for me? A robust but stylish bracelet that you can actually fit my name on? Silver, not gold?

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    1. Karen said...

      Hey, I had this exact same problem too! I went and brought a silver belcher bracelet (a silver one like at the top of this page (, I found one for $80 NZ, then took it to a bead shop, where I got them to shorten it to the right length and add another clasp onto the end. So basically its a bracelet with a clasp on each end that I can clip my medic-alert tag onto. I think it looks really good, much better than the crappy chain the original medic alert bracelet came with. Its pretty sturdy so it shouldn't break either. I'm planning on going back to the bead shop to make a few more different types of bracelets so I can swap them around if I want to.

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