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  1. Ready to stand tall and speak up

    Wednesday, 12 May 2010

    I was going to write about something completely different up until about five minutes ago. I started writing a different post, but then deleted it all. I want to talk about something else. I imagine this is more than slightly influenced by the fact I've been rather riled up, coupled by my seriously considering joining the Take Back Parliament rally in York on Saturday, but I've been thinking about the way I want to campaign for things more and more these days. I believe strongly in fairness. I believe in equality, and injustice bothers me down the the core. Social welfare is one of my major concerns in life. 

    So with that in mind, it shouldn't surprise me, really, that I want to fight for the 'little guy'. For all those who are under-represented in the DOC and non-OC, who find themselves shafted, or thrown aside. Who see doors shut in their face. This sort of thing makes me unbelievably angry. Wrong doings in corporations? Oh don't get me started. 

    It comes naturally that I'm firmly behind DiDkA. I've also spoken before on how I want to be a good advocate for Type Ones. I don't even know how to go about that, really, but I know that I want to be someone who is concerned with what is right, what is fair, and in helping people with diabetes access what they're entitled to in terms of education, resources and support. I'm still aiming to run the Rat Race Mean Streets Challenge in September to raise money for JDRF

    Having been inspired by the amazing work of Circle D, (which, if you're not familiar with the group, is an awesome support group for 18-30's living with diabetes) I've moved to set up Circle D North Yorkshire, which is not really exclusive to North Yorkshire! If you're within travelling distance, you're more than welcome. If you, or anyone you know might be interested, please do check it and get in touch. 

    But those of you who have greater and longer experience in such matters, I turn to you. How do you become a good, strong and positive advocate? What tips would you give me, and where do you think I should go? I've got my soap box out, and I'm ready to roll my sleeves up.

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    1. Smile4Loubie said...

      Get this blog out there. Contact radio stations, local papers,national papers. You'r a fantastic role model already and not just to type 1's.

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