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  1. Out Of Order!

    Monday, 24 May 2010

    What is going on at the moment? Can anyone tell me? All of a sudden, it's like someone has flipped some sort of switch, and things are either not working or breaking. I've also noticed this strange vibe going around, both online and offline. I blame the heat. It does make people act differently - I know it does for me.

    But to add to the broken medical alert bracelet, and the missing Frio Wallet, (which I have STILL not found) I now have the broken lancing device! The Microlet 2 lancer that came with my Contour USB decided to break today. Either that, or I'm just much stronger than I think I am when I'm hypo.  And whilst I am genuinely quite strong, I don't think that's the case. Thankfully I have several other lancing devices, so it's not a problem. Otherwise it would have meant resorting to just sticking myself with the lancet. My mum does that, and I seriously couldn't bring myself to test that way. I'm squirming now just thinking about it!

    So that means, I have missing, broken and binned items. Man, you think I would have had enough with just the broken pancreas, wouldn't you?

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    1. Jeffrey said...

      Sounds like what you are really testing is your frustration level. I feel that pain. Perhaps organizing another part of your life for now will bring some comfort.


    2. David said...

      Becky - love the blog! Am much interested in having you write a post for my health blog site; contact me if interested at =)

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