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  1. Well hello there, ladies and gents, and welcome to the first volume of the Bureaux Carnival! For those of you who might have missed what we're about, the Bureaux Carnival is all about highlighting European health bloggers, and their writing.

    We've had a choice selection of submissions for this first volume - I'm sure that as people see what's out there, more and more submissions will come in for the subsequent volumes.

    All our submissions for Volume One have been on the theme of friendship, in all its various forms

    That's what friends are for...

    First up, Loubie Lou over at One Size Doesn't Fit All talks about how despite friends might come and go out of your life, their effects will always be felt, and why having friends you can trust completely is so important.

    Osob Gabdon of African Doll tells us how great it feels to find friends she can talk to about living with diabetes, and how a friend can make you smile about even the hardest things.

    Navigating relationships 

    While struggling with a chronic illness since childhood, Tight Rope Dancer has found trying to understand social codes and how to make friends with people especially arduous. In Patronizing authorities, social codes, friendship - a complex trail of associations , she discusses spending her adult life trying to fit in when it's not really possible, and how it calls for a different attitude altogether.

    With friends like these, who needs enemies? In My Darling, Diabetes, Alan of Poems For Active Diabetics waxes lyrical about making 'friends' with diabetes, a guest that won't leave - and how life with a chronic disease sometimes takes longer to get used to than you might initially think.

    Letting your fingers do the walking...

    In Someone to Share Things With, Sam at Talking Blood Glucose muses over how the Internet has given her a new lease of life, new friendships, and new social circle that understands where she's coming from.

    In a similar fashion, Siobhan at Click of the Light has found that the online community has helped her feel less isolated, and in Type One - The Lonely Condition Until Recently, she talks about finding friends who are her safety net, and are in it for the long run.

    Like what you see? Why not join in?

    Thanks to all the wonderful contributors of this first volume! The Bureaux Carnival is aiming to be a bi-weekly event. Volume Two is going to be hosted by Siobhan at Click of the Light with the theme of 'My First Day'. So do keep your eyes open for her opening submissions, which should be happening shortly. Please do point any talented European bloggers you know this way, and if you would like to be a future host, please give me an e-mail, and we'll see what we can sort out!

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    1. Smile4Loubie said...

      Absolutly brillant! I loved reading everyones blogs and I hope more people will join in and I can't wait for volume 2!!!

    2. excellent! great to see some of my pals across the sea being recognized for their writing. xo

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