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  1. Seven Deadly Sins: Day Six - Sloth

    Saturday, 20 February 2010

    I'm double posting today, but I'm really wanting to carry on with this series. I did plan to get this finished within seven days. Yesterday I planned to address the sin I'm writing about now.


    But I was too tired. 

    The irony is not lost, believe me. But I have been tired. I'm trying to get a lot of things done right now. But the problem I have though, is that the more I have to do, quite frequently the more tired I get, and the less I actually achieve.

    I find this the to be particularly true with things such as writing my blood sugar scores into my log book. I never want to do it, and I forget about it. Then I become less inclined to do it because I feel more and more guilty about the fact I haven't done it in the first place. 

    I just realised tonight that I need to order some more needles. I now can't do this til Monday. Monday is the 22nd. I remembered that I need to book a prescription review appointment, because I need to do a review before the 24th. Now I won't get one in time, I'm sure, so I'm rather debating bulk ordering strips and needles. It's not like they're things I won't use. I get a bit frustrated with booking things through my GP, rather than through the hospital. They tend to get a bit confused.

    So much to do. So little time. Struggling for energy. Which is why I've booked Monday off work....

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    1. Samantha said...

      i know what you mean about the logging's just...another thing to do on top of the whole everything else thing isn't it?

    2. Anonymous said...

      I totally feel you :) Its a lot to deal with, hang in there.

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