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    There’s nothing worse than finding something sharp in your shoe/slipper/sock. Usually it culminates with a lot of jumping around yelling the odds, but then you take shoe/slipper/sock off and find the culprit.

    One tiny used blood testing strip.

    This is something I always find amazing. Why is it, even though used test strips always end up in the bin they somehow end up in the most random of places. I found one in the bed this morning, on my other half’s side of the bed. More often that not I find them in my shoes, or in the tiny space between the carpet and the kitchen door, or in the bathroom. I just don’t understand it.

    You know, I can understand them being at the bottom of my handbag. Let’s face it, I’m lazy when I go out and always throw blood strips in my handbag. But when I’m at work and I find them on the floor and under the tables, that’s when I really start scratching my head.

    Are they made of some magnetic substance that attracts it to the most random of places? I can’t even remember the amount of times I’ve put my hand down on the sofa and found a strip stuck to it. And it’s worse when they end up in the bottom of your shoe and poke you.

    The way to stop this is simple. Pick up used blood strip, carry to bin, deposit in bin. Then why does it never work? Do they fall out of the bin as you carry the bin bag out of the door, or do they grow legs?

    Maybe the blood strips are conspiring against us…

    It’s all one big conspiracy theory…

    We’re doomed.

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    1. Samantha said...

      THIS IS ME :D yaaaaaay. they're out to get us i tell you!!!

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