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  1. DiDkA gets personal.

    Friday, 19 February 2010

    Aha! Now see, I'm proving my own point about why DiDkA is saying such important things.
    I went out for a drink after finishing work today with a couple of colleagues. I sat down minding the table, whilst they went to get in a round. Not drinking, I asked for a diet cola. 

    When they came back with it, I took one sip and alarm bells started ringing. 

    This isn't diet.

    So being the responsible DiDkA advocate, I went back to the bar, and told the girl behind the bar that I was concerned that this was regular. 
    No, it's diet.

    I was completely stunned at this woman's attitude.
    'Look,' I tell her, 'I'm a diabetic, and I'm quite cautious about this. I don't think this is diet. Could I possibly get a replacement?'

    'No, I poured it, it's diet.' She pours a small amount off the pump, and gives it me to sip.

    'Is this diet?'

    'It's definitely diet'

    'Well, I'm afraid that tastes completely different to me. Could I please get a replacement?'

    Lather, rinse, repeat for a while, before she FINALLY gives me a new glass.

    I've had a similar thing happen in the past, but it was the unbelievably aggressive attitude that the woman showed me - like I was totally inconveniencing her, or that I was stupid. I wasn't having that. I was polite enough to her, I hadn't bought the drink myself, so there was no way she remembered me buying the drink. 

    It does happen, and if I hadn't been so stubborn, today it could have happened to me. 

    Let's get fighting, ladies and gents.

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    1. Colleen said...

      That's one of my biggest pet peeves. I get so upset when they bring me a regular soda! I'm not totally sure why I get so upset, but I do. And when people give me a hard time about it I get even more upset. Which I suppose is easier to explain.

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