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  1. Seven Deadly Sins: Day One - Greed

    Saturday, 13 February 2010

    So I've thought up a bit of a series that I'm hoping to complete over the next week. Each day I'm going to tackle one of the seven deadly sins. 

    So today we're looking at greed.

    In general, I don't like to think of myself as a particularly greedy person. I suppose nobody likes to think of themselves as being susceptible to vices. And of all of them, I don't think greed is my major downfall. That one comes later, ladies and gents.

    Yet, at the same time, I can see myself getting more and more keen to own the latest diabetes related gadgets. Words cannot describe how thrilled I was at the arrival of my super-sexy new PURPLE Asencia Contour meter came. It had a new finger pricker! It had an adjustable alarm! It had 7, 14 and 30 day averages! I could set my own high and low targets. I was in love. It did mean I had to give up my old pink meter wallet, but since that was fairly blood stained by now, I wasn't too heartbroken. After all, this thing was purple! Thank you Bayer Diabetes.

    So speaking of Bayer, and their wonderful meters. I can see my own greed flash in front of my eyes, when I so utterly and desperately want their USB full colour meter. Oh yes, I do.

    It's gorgeous. It plugs into your USB drive. And much as I love my sexy as anything purple meter, I do really fancy one of these. Supposedly 'Coming in 2010' like a great film, I bet it doesn't come out 'til December, or something silly like that.

    But it's not just spiffy technology that I'm after at the moment. I got an email in my inbox from a certain medical supply website, saying that there were new items in stock.

    So I went and had a look, and saw these bad boys. Now I can hear you saying ', Becky, that's a piece of plastic.'. And yes, I know it is. But it holds four Glucotabs! It fits to your keys, or the corner of your bag. I'm forever rummaging around the bottom of my bag to find my Glucotabs.  And then I end up with the OTHER tube that I use to keep my sharps in when I'm out and about. So, yes, I would really like that piece of plastic. 

    In a much more practical mindset, I'm also rather hankering after this medical ID bracelet, since the one I currently have is a much more delicate affair. My average day can involve dance practices, or lugging huge boxes, or steel decking around, and I'm always rather afraid that it's going to snap. Call me a bit paranoid, but after the last one I had snapped into a million pieces whilst I was simply walking across the floor, I'm after something a bit more hard-wearing for certain activities.

    But the thing I then have to ask myself of course, is do I actually NEED any of this? And the answer is no, of course I don't. All I have to do is think about organisations like Dream Trust, and then my desire for a flashy new toy, or a more convenient holder for my Glucotabs suddenly becomes a bit more insignificant. 

    But I'm not meaning to preach here. I still want these things, but I just need to think about it in a different perspective sometimes, I suppose.

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