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  1. New and alternative diet?

    Thursday, 9 July 2009

    So I went out to buy my lunch earlier. I went out with my friend Jenny, who asked if we could go to TopShop first. No problem there. But whilst I was sat waiting for her to finish trying some stuff on, my hands started getting pins and needles.

    Quick test, and the Numberwang is...


    OK, no problem there. Should probably eat lunch earlier, eat three glucotabs, all is well again - despite the most monstrous queues in Marks and Spencer. Blarg.

    Althought that's two days in a row I've had pre-lunch hypos, which when I'd been doing so well for not having them, is a touch annoying.

    But anyway, to the point of this story.

    My housemate (who also works where I do) walks into the kitchen at work to make tea. As a point of interest, I mention I had a hypo in TopShop.

    'You might want to think about getting lunch before shopping'

    'I'd gone out to buy my lunch!'

    'In TopShop?'

    Fair point.

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    1. Your blog comments are entertaining. Does come naturally, from working in the theater?

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