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  1. The ballad of the diabetic fudge

    Wednesday, 8 July 2009

    The scene: Having just returned from Gourmet Burger Kitchen for an office farewell lunch to our lovely Education Assistant Hannah.

    The time: 14:24. 6 minutes away from 2 hour post-lunch test.

    The problem: The bar of diabetic fudge from Thorntons sat on my desk, bought as a gift from self same lovely Education Assistant.

    Eat me, Becky - sayeth the fudge

    No, no bar of fudge, say I, you will mess up my test. And I have been warned about you and your laxative effects.

    The time: 14:27. I decide to do an 'early' test. How much of a difference will three minutes really make?

    *beep beep* says the meter.

    Numberwang is....



    Eat me. Eat me.

    I will resist you bar of fudge. And your 21.9 grams of Polyols. What the hell are they anyway?

    Sugar alcohols, a class of polyols, are commonly added to foods because of their lower caloric content than sugars; however, they are also, in general, less sweet, and are often combined with high-intensity sweeteners. They are also added to chewing gum because they are not metabolized (broken down) by bacteria in the mouth, so they do not contribute to tooth decay. Maltitol, sorbitol, and isomalt are some of the more common types. Sugar alcohols may be formed under mild reducing conditions from their analogue sugars.

    ......sayeth Wikipedia. I feel much more enlightened. Sweeteners then. Why can't they just say that?

    Who cares? Eat me, Becky. Eat me and satisfy your curiosity about diabetic sweets. Come know you're going to.

    No no. I have willpower. Really, I do. Just because I can't stop biting my nails doesn't mean I can't resist a bar of fudge that I'm imagining speaking to me.

    And so the battle continues.



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