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  1. Have I got shrews for you...

    Wednesday, 1 July 2009

    So I haven't been updating the past couple of days. My main reason for this has been my involvement with The Mooted Theatre Company's current production of The Taming of the Shrew, which I am the Stage Manager for. We open tomorrow night, for the record, and if you're in the North Yorkshire region, it's well worth coming to see

    Now, with my plug out of the way, let's get onto the real mess that tech & dress rehearsal days can cause. The main problem with them is that when you're busy, you're busy. Finding time to stop and eat is difficult, if not impossible. It is also hot at the moment. Very hot in fact. Which, I understand, can really mess up your BG levels. And so can walking a lot. And carrying heavy things a lot. I think you get the idea. Or at least I hope you do, because I don't think I can make it much clearer!

    So I'm walking, carrying heavy things under the sun, with not much time to drink, eat or do anything else. Which means my concentration gets pretty much shot, and even with not being on insulin at the moment, I can feel my levels are low. But since the cast seems to turn up and I have to get pre-show ready at the exact time I want to eat my evening meal, it has to wait. So then I have to wait til I get home. Which the past two nights has been gone ten or half ten. Tonight it was closer to eleven, and I had things I needed to do before I could think about food, including a shower. But when I actually got some proper food, it had gone midnight. To be fair, I'd had a Nairn's oat biscuit to tide me over, but my pre-dinner level was 6.3. So it wasn't as low as I'd thought. However, late meals mean even later post dinner tests. Which is the bit that really gets me. Since I know full well that I should be eating dinner at a more normal time, I'm trying to be a good, responsible girl and make sure I do my two-hour post meal test. But that means staying up much later than I want. So here I am, sat up typing this, and watching Heroes on DVD till 2am, when I can test and then go to bed, then get up and start this over again.

    Oh the things we do.


    Coming soon - Becky plays Numberwang, Becky has sushi, and Cake (part 2 - the revenge)

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    1. Anonymous said...

      Hey, salmonpuff from the forums. I know your pain with skipping meals and whatnot and doing loads of work. I rarely eat lunch (if ever) which means the BGs aren't usually done between the 2 hours after breakfast and dinner. Not good. It's horrible having days like that, getting up late or eating late and having to stay up later to sort yourself out. It's what I'm dreading about starting work (as and when it happens) as y'know, solid meal times won't happen :(

      Hope you're well hun

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