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  1. Wildcard time!

    I've never been one for the whole 'where are my keys?' thing. I've always been pretty
    good at keeping tabs on that. My phone? That's another story, but hey, I can call that.

    But my meter? That I cannot seem to keep a hold of. 

    'Ah?! Have you seen my meter? Where's my test kit?' is a frequent battle cry in my house. I shouted it around my office this evening  It's black, and in the world that I live and work in, there are lots of similar black things. I lose that flipping case all the time. Even when I did, once upon a time, have a bright pink case, I would still lose it.

    So my dream device? That would have to be some sort of alarm or gps tracker for my meter. Some way I could call it like I do with my phone when I can't find that.

    I think that would save a lot of heart in my throat moments, and a lot of headaches!

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