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  1. Guest Post: Stand By Me

    Sunday, 1 August 2010

    Well all, I'm now back at home. It has been a real joy to have all the wonderful guest posters here for the last week, and I'm thrilled to be putting up the final one.
    As I was throwing the last pair of socks into a bag, and almost forgetting my hairbrush last Saturday morning, my laptop pinged at me to let me know that I had new mail. 
    It was so annoying that I had only five minutes to get out the door, and a week's worth of filtered internet access that wouldn't let me do any more than check my email, has meant that I've had to wait until getting back home to put up this wonderful post!
    I was thrilled that Cherise agreed to end this series of guest posts, and she's done it in style, with a great piece on the DOC and social media. So I'll stop wittering on, and let her take over!

    I would like to thank Becky for inviting me to her side of the world! Thank you for allowing me to write a guest post.

    Stand by me

    The other day I came up with an idea. I spoke to Scott (husband), Scottie and George. The idea was hit with all of them so I decided to go ahead with it. Where to start? I wasn't sure. Who would participate? I did not know. What if it flopped?at least I could say I tried.

    I wrote a blog post to introduce Diabetes Social Media Advocacy (#dsma) to my friends, the Diabetes Online Community. I hit publish. I waited. The comments made me smile because my friends wanted to standby me and support @DiabetesSocMed.

    July 21, 2010 at 9 PM #DSMA made it's Twitter debut. There were a total of 77 people from different walks life, type 1's, type 2's, parents of children with diabetes and even a doctor. I was watching the tweets from my laptop, tweeting with my ipad and retweeting with my iphone. I could barely keep up! It was touching and FREAKING amazing!!! We discussed, vented, laughed and made new friends. I like to think of it as an hour of sweet goodness, education and awarness. It was sweet because of you (the DOC).

    Thank you for standing by me and helping take our community to the next level. I can't wait to tweet with you all on Wednesdays. Diabetes Social Media Advocacy (#DSMA) was my idea but it was brought to life by you.

    Be Blessed

    And with that great post, I finish off a great week of guests. Thank you to each of you who've filled in for me this week - I'll gladly do the same for you any time!

    I'm absolutely exhausted, but if not tomorrow, then certainly by Monday, we'll be back to 'regularly scheduled programming' 

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      Thank you, Becky! I hope you had a nice trip.

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