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  1. The D Team: We Did It!

    Wednesday, 18 August 2010

    Well, I promised you all footage of the event, and here it is!

    It turned out to be a glorious day, despite our fears (and best intelligence) that it was going to throw it down with rain. We had a few mishaps, some of which you can see on here, but mostly yours truly having a giant freak out on a cargo net after losing balance. I also had to wear a lovely 'special' harness done up with a wrench (sponsor us some more, and I'll show you footage of it being taken off!) because there was a 'risk I could pass out' whilst on an obstacle. 

    But here we go!

  2. 4 comments:

    1. Northerner said...

      Sheer madness, but brilliant! You would NEVER get me up in one of those things! Well done everyone, great video, great idea for a challenge! Becky, so - the technique is to always land bum first, right? ;)

    2. Becky said...

      Glad you like video!

      Nah, I tried SO hard to get at least one landing on my feet, but it's pretty much luck the way you land, and I seemed to land on my butt each time! Those were some filthy waterproof trousers, I tell you! x

    3. D_G said...

      Lol look s like you had fun! i remember when i did go ape and its had enough to land on your bum facing the right way, as all the ones i went on i was spun round at the last minute before hitting the ground backwards! lol good job x

    4. That stuff is INCREDIBLE you guys! Bravo!

      For the record, I'm with Northerner - I'd never do that crazy stuff! :-)

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