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  1. OK, YouTube is evil and will not let me upload this one. But I really want you guys to have a chance to see it.

    However, Andrew "Hannibal" Dyer is a GENIUS, and managed to host it elsewhere :D

    So if you would like to watch it (which I hope you will), just click here

  2. 3 comments:

    1. Northerner said...

      Ah! Sorry to hear that Becky, shame they couldn't wait a couple more days :( Keep your spirits up - hope everything goes well for Saturday!

    2. Andrew Dyer said...

      Copyright protection on Youtube is ridiculous. Its not as if you are claiming credit for someone else's work, but instead acknowledging that it is cool!

    3. Northerner said...

      That was bloody brilliant! Really well put together and made me laugh! Hope you reach your target and BOO! to youtube for messing you about!

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