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  1. We all love a good Blog Carnival! I've been very proud to have been involved with several Carnivals over at Chronic Babe, and to have done Grand Rounds twice.

    What I've noticed though, is that most of the major Carnivals tend to be heavily dominated by, if not exclusively made up of submissions from US blogs. Now, please don't get me wrong - I love reading these blogs, and I have not a single thing against them. America's a big place, so it makes absolute sense that lots of posts would come from bloggers in the US. 

    But what about Europe? Europe's a big place to - we're ethnically and culturally diverse, and we manage as many different health conditions as our brothers and sisters over the pond!

    So, whilst talking to Sam, over at Talking Blood Glucose, I hit upon this idea: why not have a Carnival that showcases all the best health blogs that Europe has to offer?

    So we will! I'm inviting you to be part of the very first volume of the Bureaux Carnival (Blog Euro - Bureaux! Get it? I'm funny, me!), which I will be hosting here at INI on Monday 10th May.

    If you're a health blogger, whether you're a patient, a doctor, nurse, or carer, and you'd like to be involved, the Bureaux Carnival is for you!

    Our first volume will be looking for posts on the theme of friendship. That's nice and broad, so should give you a lot to talk about.

    If you want to submit an entry, email us at bureauxcarnival @ googlemail dot com. Put "Volume One" in the subject line. Send your name as you'd like it to appear, the name/URL of your blog, the name/URL of your post, and 1-2 sentences of description. Deadline: Saturday, 8th May at midnight GMT.

    If you'd also be interested in being a future host, email and let us know! Do spread the word to any amazing bloggers you know who you think should be involved and aware that this is happening.

    The Bureaux is open for business!

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    1. Samantha said...

      I'm plugging this tomorrow :D This is gunna rule :D

    2. shiv said...

      awesome. i'll get mine done tomorrow afternoon and will spread the word then too!

    3. Hello there, I came over from CB, as I am also a bit disconcerted about the fact that most interesting things on the internet seem America dominated. I think the way of thinking and acting is a bit different over there and though that's fine too, I'd love to get in touch with people with a more similar culture to mine. I tend to talk about things that presumably are taboo in many American corners. In terms of blogs (and many other things), I guess one problem could be the language, I do however blog in English though I'm Finnish. Please let me know if you know of any cool forums or other avenues for Europeans, I'd be very grateful! :-) Cheers!

    4. Smile4Loubie said...

      I've done my post - posted already, going to do a full post on this tomoz =)

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