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    Friday, 9 April 2010

    Things are changing over in pancreas land. Up until now, I have been living in a state well known to many as the Honeymoon Period. To those not in the know, it means my poor wheezing pancreas is having one long swan song before it retires permanently. Which everyone keeps telling me is a good thing. I'm sure that they're right. Of course there are pros to not using as much insulin. On the flip side, however, it makes carb-counting virtually impossible. 

    I've been working on the ratio of 1 unit of NovoRapid to every 35g of carb up until now, with 2u of Lantus.  This is where I pause for a moment, whilst there is a strong chance that you just went (mentally or out loud) 'Whoa, those are tiny amounts of insulin!'. Why do I think you probably said that? That would be because, making a rough guess, maybe one in two or three people that I talk to about my doses has that exact reaction. Even when I went on a carb counting skills workshop, my (otherwise wonderful) dietician said pretty much that. Just to rant for a moment, yes, I know those are small amounts of insulin. I'm very much aware of it. I'm always rather surprised when people tell you something that it should be pretty clear that you already know. OK, rant done.

    Over the past week or so, that ratio hasn't really been working for me any more. I began scoring lots of double figures, and couldn't get myself below 8mmol/l some days. Further maths means I am currently working with three different ratios. A breakfast one of 1:20, a lunchtime of 1:25, and an evening of 1:35. I've also added an extra unit on my Lantus. So far, this seems to be working without too many errors. Only had the one hypo recently, and again this is good. 

    But it looks like the Honeymoon could be coming to an end. Or so it seems. But it's been all I've known so far, rocky as it has been. I'd be curious to know how anyone else out there  coped with this. Was it gradual or sudden for you? Enquiring minds want to know...

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    1. Anonymous said...

      I think my honeymoon period ended gradually, from what I remember. My mind was so preoccupied trying to grasp the whole idea of having diabetes that I let that part of it slips through the cracks.

      I wish it had lasted longer, a few months after dx my A1C was 6.3. Through the years I've needed more insulin for carbs, but that's just part of having diabetes. It is ALWAYS changing!

      I don't think I coped with it at all...I ignored it! Which was really bad on my part, but I'm trying to make up for it now. I wish I had some advice to give for this!!

    2. Moddey said...

      This is just perfect:
      "To those not in the know, it means my poor wheezing pancreas is having one long swan song before it retires permanently."
      I might have to quote you when explaining my son's situation to idiots who think he's fine.

      Good luck with the "married" life, I'm sure you and diabetes will find a way to live together ;)

    3. I can only speak for my son's end of honeymoon, which seemed to be about 5 months after diagnosis... It was a rather sudden thing, with his requirements doubling in ten days! A pinch of salt is necessary though, as we were also on holiday, he was just pre-puberty etc... but it certainly was a drastic change. His requirements have not really lowered since.

      However, there have been times when things have been markedly slightly lower for several days, then markedly higher... We have come to think that because he's always had *pretty good* control, his pancreas may still splutter to life occasionally. There seems to be anecdotal evidence of this. Early good control (which you have had too?) seems to preserve some beta cell function, albeit irregularly...

      Good to be visiting your site again, phew! Was interested to read your Contour USB review -- we are still trying to get a 'run' at it!


    4. Big Swifty said...

      Our Frank (now nearly 4 yrs old, and had T1D 18 months)has, we guess, recently finished his honeymoon, the effect has gradually reduced. We now try 3 lantus, 1 Novarapid:9 g carbs in the morning, 1:13 other times. We have good weeks and bad weeks, for no apparent reason (which I'm sure sounds familiar to readers).......

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