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  1. Coming Unstuck (part II)

    Thursday, 28 April 2011

    A couple of months a go, I had a bit of fun with trying to get my new sites to stick. Admittedly, that was mostly due to my own stupidity with some self tanning body lotion. What I've found with a few of my recent sites though, is that they're starting to unpeel at the edges somewhat by the third day of use. With that in mind, travel back a week or so with me...

    Lately at work, I've been having a huge blitz on my (very large) pile of (extremely overdue) filing. I don't have any shelves near my desk, but I do have a rather extensive number of files that I'm responsible for. So that means lugging them to and fro from the main office to my desk.

    One afternoon in this administrative marathon, I keep looking for something like a staple that might have got caught in my top, because SOMETHING is poking me in the side periodically, and I cannot work out what it is. But nothing is to be seen, so I carry on regardless, as you do.

    Along rolls the time for me to switch files. So, resting two on my hip whilst I juggle with the code locked interior door, I realise what's been poking me.

    Yes, that would be my cannula, which must have been dislodged whilst I was carrying files. Proving that either a) I have a slightly dodgy box of insets, or b) filing is hazardous to my health, and I should stop immediately. Personally, I'm voting for option B. One of two completely unplanned site changes at work that have happened recently, anyone? I'm going to have to start keeping a sharps box here, I swear.

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    1. Angie said...

      Mine have always ended up looking a little bit ragged by the time I need a set change, but in saying that I've just had a look at the old set I have in from a set change earlier today, and it's looking particularly bad! It's peeled off at all of the edges up to the plastic bit, although it still appears to be ok under the plastic bit, and they're not usually that bad.

      Maybe worth giving Animas a phone?

    2. Strange how that happens sometimes... I've gone through phases where that seems to go on with every set from one box. Yet then will never have issues the rest of the time otherwise.

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