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  1. The result is in!

    Friday, 14 January 2011

    I didn't really see it coming. Honestly, I didn't! I'd really enjoyed being part of the whole competition, but never saw myself actually winning. Not only were there really strong entries from some wonderful people,  I also don't win things - it never works out like that. 

    But being as life is stranger than fiction - I did win. It was announced on twitter and the website today.

    I've not been anywhere beyond a long weekend to see a friend in Belfast since I was seven. So a chance to go and see something of the world? Somewhere I'd probably never go otherwise? Whilst helping raise money for some amazing charities? Well hey, that works for me.

    If any of the other people who entered into the final stage of the competition are reading this, then I want to say thank you to them. Thank you for caring enough about the project, about charity and about the state of the world to want to be involved. That makes me so happy to know that people still care about things.

    So I'm thrilled. I'm so excited since I wasns't thinking I'd be able to go ANYWHERE till around 2012/13, and even then would be pushing it. I can't wait to go to Rio. I've been looking at the Lonely Planet website and there are so many things that look like I should see them!

    So a HUGE thank you to 7 Wonders team, and to each of you who helped with the video! You're all wonderful. 

    And now a question - Do we have anyone in the DOC in Brazil who fancies a meet? ;) Or does anyone know Rio and know somewhere I absolutely HAVE to go - first time traveller here, so any and all advice is welcome! 

    I'm going to Rio, baby! :D

  2. 8 comments:

    1. George said...

      I am so very happy for you! this is going to be the trip of a lifetime!

      Take lots of pictures!!!

    2. OMG!!! Thats awesome!!! So happy for you!

    3. Congratulations! That is so incredibly awesome, Becky!!!! I've been so behind on blog-reading lately and didn't even know about this or see your video, but just checked it out and.... WOW. So excited for you!! You'll definitely have to snap some photos and share all the fun!

    4. Mike Durbin said...

      That is so awesome, Becky! Both happy for and proud of you. :-)

    5. FeltFinland said...

      Brilliant news - well done!

    6. Diabetes UK said...

      Brilliant news that you won Becky, a worthy winner after putting together such a great video too. Hope you have an amazing time!

      All at Diabetes UK

    7. Cara said...

      I'm so glad you won Becky. The video was beautiful. :)

    8. No way! Not only is your video amazing and the win fantastic but you're going to Rio with Chi-chi who was at York doing Electronics in the same year as me!! She's ace!

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