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  1. Diabetes Blessings Week - Day 2

    Tuesday, 23 November 2010

    It's day two, and when I started thinking about a couple of conversations I had yesterday, it became very obvious what I wanted to talk about today. Well, I say what, but I really mean who. 

    I'm all about the people. I take my friendships very seriously, and once you've got me, you've got me for life. I'm like a bad penny. Or possibly something more flattering, if I'm feeling a little nicer about myself! You do lose contact with people along the way in life, which I always find deeply saddening. The thing with really good friendships, though, is that you can usually step right back into the rhythm.

    Over the past year and a half, I've been so blessed to meet a whole range of wonderful people. Today though, I want to think about how amazing it has been to know two in particular. 

    First up is someone that a lot of you out there in the DOC will know quite well. If not, then my question is why not?!

    I've come to count the wonderful, charming, and lovely Ginger Vieira as one of my best D-friends. And do you know, I have absolutely no idea how we 'met' in the first place!

    Ginger is one of those amazing people who makes me feel like I can do absolutely anything. She's funny and encouraging, and extremely talented, in many different areas. Did you know she used to do improv comedy, for instance? If you've seen her 'duct tape' vlog, that's a prime example of how hilarious and funny she is.I can't wait to read her book!

    Skype is a wonderful thing, and we've had some lovely talks over the old interwebs. Every one though makes me wish we were that bit closer to the wonderful transporter device we've been planning to create. 

    Closer to home, I've also been fortunate enough to meet another fabulous person, who makes me laugh so hard that last night my laughter actually disconnected our phone call. Strange story, but a true one!

    Shelley is the mastermind behind the UK Diabetes Support network Circle D, which helps 18-30's with diabetes meet, socialise and support each other. 

    The woman is mad as a box of frogs, but an absolute genius. She has so many balls in the air that I genuinely have no idea how she juggles them all and still manages to keep her sense of humour. When she takes over the universe, I want a place in her cabinet. 

    And of course, I never would have met either of these wonderful ladies if it hadn't been for diabetes. Tell me that that doesn't make me blessed?

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    1. Ohhhh, you are my favorite gal in the United Kingdom, and absolutely one of my favorite people in the D-Community. If I could meet someone for drinks from the D-Community, it would be YOU. I have a feel we would get into a tremendous amount of trouble...but we'd video-tape it all for sure.


    2. As mad as a box of frogs... I like that. HA HA! Sweetness. Great post, and you're so right: Ginger does rock! Thanks for writing, Becky!

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