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  1. Just so you know that it's not just me training for this madness, I challenged Andrew to take on my workout routine this evening. He did. So I took pictures. 

    Loading up the Wii Fit, and putting together my usual routine on his profile, I got the response of 'that's quite....thorough', which I actually found to be reassuring! I had been worrying that the whole thing was too wussy, or too easy. I am however, now told that it is not. 

    To be honest, I would have been satisfied with an assessment of the Wii Fit routine, but to his credit, Andrew wanted to do the whole thing, just as I do it. Which meant starting with the weights. They look ridiculously small in his hands, and after advice from Ginger, I plan to up the weight of my dumbbells, starting from tomorrow. Andrew has a much better general level of fitness and strength than I do, so the weights and ab crunches were no problem for him.

    Yoga, which I've always thought Andrew had problems with, since he struggles to balance on one leg, didn't seem to be too much of an issue tonight. I was very impressed with his balance - and slightly miffed that my own isn't as good! However, I was rather pleased to receive the reminder that he is actually human, rather than an exercise-droid, when the air got a little blue during his attempt at the Grounded V. I hate that one too.

    I'm also rather convinced that the female equivalent of the Wii Fit Guy (Wii Fit Girl, I suppose?) is really quite shamelessly flirty. It's a touch concerning, and reminds me exactly why I have Wii Fit Guy as my trainer, even if I want to wallop him over the head with something the majority of the time. 

    The muscle exercises didn't cause much of a problem either, except for ones where you have to stand on one leg. Until we got to the Parallel Stretch. That thing is evil, and I'm starting to think this might be a fact universally acknowledged. I've yet to find a person who enjoys doing this, and if I did, I'd be a bit scared of them, to tell you the truth!

    Lastly, an 'island lap' on the jogging option. I always, for some unknown reason, managed to score a better 'burn rate' on this than Andrew does. I really, really don't understand how. He did really well today though, and managed to do the lap in 10 minutes, which I didn't think was possible, and scored a personal best on the burn rate. All in all, I say a very well done to him for doing it. And having just asked him, what was his final verdict on the workout as a whole?

    It is not a wussy workout - it's actually rather difficult...

    Yey! I'm not a total wuss! Now to see if I can get Rob and Tom to take on the challenge, perhaps.
    In other news, we've made it up to 4% of the total fundraising goal! Thank you so much to those of you who have donated already - you're absolute champions. As promised, I will be booking the date this week. I'm just waiting for news from Amsterdam to finalise the dates. I love that that sounds dreadfully exotic, but isn't really! Our fundraising pack from JDRF also turned up today, which I'm rather impressed with, and I'll be looking at that in great detail over the next couple of days.

    Oh and yes, I did do this routine myself this morning. I didn't just watch Andrew do it!

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