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  1. Post DuckTales evening, I am really quite tired today. I think it is somewhat to my credit though that I managed to do my workout yesterday, and first thing after getting up today.

    Woke up this erm...."morning", got a drink, took a couple of painkillers and went back to my bed. Then decided this was a pointless endeavour, threw on my workout clothes, and headed to the gym. By the way, when I say "gym", please read "my living room, with Andrew's weights and the Wii Fit". If I had money, I would have a gym membership for certain. I do actually, rather perversely, love the gym. Always got a real buzz after a good workout. But I digress. I thought I would share my slightly revamped current workout with you, in the hopes that this might help me track my progress, and perhaps those of you who are more experienced, might be able to advise me on the way to go/what I'm doing right or wrong.

    I-pod on, weights in hand, I do four sets of the following, currently with two 5lb weights (10lb total, obviously)

    Bench Press (with dumbbells, not barbells) - 15 reps
    Chest Fly - 10 reps
    Biceps Curls - 10 reps

    Which comes to a total of 140 reps. Then 20 abdominal crunches. Sounds wussy, I know, but I find these really hard to do, so even 20 is a bit of an accomplishment at the moment.

    The move on to the Wii Fit. I start off with some yoga, as I'm also trying to improve my balance, and some of these poses are actually really difficult! After beginning with some deep breathing, to try and get my focus, I go on to the following (searching for the images of these was bizarre, as many of the poses have different names to what I'm used to!):

    Half Moon
    Sun Salutation
    Downward Facing Dog
    Grounded V
    Standing Knee

    Moving on from yoga, I go to the muscle workout section, and do some exercises from there.

    Single Leg Extension (6 reps on each leg)
    Lunge (10 reps on each leg)
    Sideways Leg Lift (10 reps on each leg)
    Tricep Extension (10 reps on each arm)
    Arm & Leg Lift (10 reps on each arm and leg)
    Side Lunge (10 reps on each side)
    Parallel Stretch (30 seconds)

    After doing that, and being told by the Wii Fit Guy that 'you were very unsteady there', as he always does, I move onto a 12 minute jog round the 'island'. Saturday I managed a burn rate of 208%, and 253% today. 

    Finished off today with about quarter of an hour of rhythm boxing. Now hopefully, I can carry on with this revamped routine. Anyone out there got any thoughts, suggestions or comments?

    Plan this week - book the challenge date. Cue the ominous music...

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