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  1. Emerging from under a rock

    Thursday, 24 December 2009

    Well, after my huge accomplishment of managing to complete NaBloPoMo, I suppose I rather seemed to fall off the face of the earth for December. But hey, it's been busy. Most evenings I've been tied up doing something, or I've just been shattered. So I'm afraid this rather took a back seat for a bit.

    But how are you? Seriously, if you're still reading even after I disappeared for practically a whole month, I'd like to know! 

    For my part, like I say, I've been busy. December is a bit mad for everyone, but it's been a manic few weeks. I started off with York Come Dancing. Oh yes.  I've been talking about this one for a while, but it finally came. And then promptly went. Ben and I had a slightly stressful but wonderful time doing demonstration Cha-Cha-Cha and Jive. Proof?

    There we are! (Photo credit - It's a crop of a shot by Matt Cornock / York Dancesport). Yes, my lines could be a lot better, but I was still quite pleased with the whole thing. Pretty much in retrospect, because the end of the Jive went a bit wrong for various reasons, and I was a touch gutted on the night. But that's life, huh?  More recently, I've had a bash at Viennesse Waltz, finally got a handle on the regular Waltz (if only I could remember the routine! When I can remember it, I can do it!) and Samba. I'm still rather looking forward to Paso and Foxtrot. ^_^
    You know how in the past, I've complained about my sieve brain, and lack of organisation? Well, I've managed a doozy as of late. I lost my BG diary. Yeah, not great. I knew it was somewhere inside my bedroom, but where it was I had absolutely no idea. I thought maybe it had been a week, perhaps a fortnight tops since I had last written up my scores. Well, I found it the other evening. In a bag under my bed. Great, right? Turns out I hadn't actually written in my scores since the 9/10th November. Well done me. That was a fun evening of transcribing over a month's worth of data from my meter, I can tell you. Obviously it's nobody's fault but my own. Hopefully it'll teach me not to do that again, at any rate!

    This next statement is obviously and exaggeration, but not far off one. It seems like everyone in the country has snow at the moment. At home in York, we've got it. I got back to my parents' place in Cheshire last night, and they also have it, as did everywhere I travelled through on the train. So it's cold. Particularly in York, where we didn't have a LOT of fresh snow after the initial big fall, but it's still there and not melting away. I don't know whether it's just weird timing, or if it has something to do with the temperature, but injecting has been a lot more painful than normal. Anyone else find it hurts more when it's colder?

    I'm hoping to be an extremely good girl and post a quick one tomorrow. Make up for missing most of December by posting on Christmas Day. Seems a weird trade-off, but it works for me!

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