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  1. Drooling over my new laptop

    Monday, 17 August 2009

    Oh, I am a very happy girl. My lovely, new laptop has arrived! I think this will mean a much more frequent level of updates on here. I'm very excited, because I've never owned a new computer before - whole new world. Fantastic.

    Just done my 2 hour post dinner test. 3.6. My levels have been all over these past few days. Down in the 3's one minute, then 9's and 11's the next. I wish it would just make up its mind. I just don't like jumping around like that.

    And now I've got a headache coming on. A whole different kind of fantastic.

    A quick hello to any of the lovely ladies over from the Chronic Babe forum who might be reading. I highly recommend having a look over there. It's full of amazing young women, who are very friendly and welcoming. It's a great community, which is just starting up.

    I plan to make a more interesting a contentful (is that a word? I doubt it, but it'll do) update tomorrow. Now I plan to go and treat this headache. Hmph.


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    1. I'm glad to know that you bought a new laptop. With that, you can search the Internet and get a lot of information on how to handle Type 1 Diabetes. Also, you can regularly keep your readers posted about how you’re progressing with your treatment.

      Benita Bolland

    2. Ruby said...

      Well, after three years, I hope that your laptop is still in good condition! When you really know how to take care of it and keep its components well maintained, your laptop will surely last for a long time.

      Ruby Badcoe

    3. I agree with you, Ruby! Your computer only needs proper care and maintenance in order to maintain its great performance. If you don’t know how to take good care of it, don’t expect it to work at its best for you. You need to spend time and effort too to keep it in good condition! ;) It's a give-and-take situation!

      Lakendra Wiltse

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