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    Thursday, 25 August 2016

    I really love the word beyond. It means more, it means future. It may also be the name of a TV series I've been writing in my head for years, but that's beside the point. I was really thrilled to get to meet some of the amazing team from Beyond Type One at Friends For Life. I can't remember exactly how long we were talking for in the end, but judging by the number of topics we covered, it must have been a good long while. I was impressed by the upbeat, positive attitude and week welcoming spirit that came across. We talked about the possibility of my writing a couple of pieces for the site and it was great to get an email shortly after after landing back in the UK getting the ball rolling. I pitched a couple of ideas and I'm proud to have had the first one go live on the Beyond Type One site this week.

    I'd encourage you to go and have a read here, and check out the other amazing stories that
    other people have submitted. There are als lots of ways you can get involved as well. If you're not already, make sure you're connected on Facebook and Twitter. I'd also suggested downloading the Beyond Type One app. It's free and very a great way of getting connected with people. I've only recently downloaded it myself and I'm still finding my way around, but I'm loving having it handy on my phone.

    Another really brilliant programme that the BT1 team are running is the Beyond Type One Snail Mail Club. Get yourself an old fashioned pen pal! Seriously, who doesn't like getting snail mail? I used to have multiple pen friends as a kid, but pretty much all I get in the post these days are bills, appointment reminders and bank statements. Far too dull and adult for my taste. I've signed up and I had this turn up on my doorstep the other day -

     - brilliant! What's not to love? I can't wait to get writing. Why not join in yourself?

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