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  1. I just came for the shoes, actually!

    Wednesday, 23 March 2011

    Yesterday, I 'thrilled' you all with the rather overly long story of my day out in Blackpool. However, there was a little side story that a missed out of that account. So I thought that I would share that with you all today.

    So, something that tends to happen at competitions, is that various vendors will come to try and sell you their wares. In the past, I've tried not go and look at them, because they'll make me want to spend money that I really don't have. However, this time, you had to walk past the stalls in order to get to practice space, and to the toilets, so of course I ended up having a look. 

    The stall I come to is a discount dancewear retailer. And they're having a clearance sale. This is really dangerous. I checked out the costumes, and there were several that I liked, and technically could afford, but I decided not to try anything on, because then I would be sure to buy something. But then I saw a pair of wider fitting shoes, on sale. Since I'd actually been thinking of getting a new pair of shoes, as the ones that I've been using are getting a bit worn out on the sides. 

    So I'm talking with the woman running the stall, and I'm umming and ahhing a bit over whether to buy them, mostly because I'm generally really tight when it comes to my money. I hate spending money, because, well then I haven't got it to fall back on. Then she suggests that I ask my mum for the money (a suggestion that never sits well with me when people say it), because "exercise will stop you from getting diabetes in the future".

    Well, ok then!

    I didn't really know how to react. I wanted to just laugh in her face - I wasn't sure whether to be narked off or not. 

    "Well, actually, I have Type 1 Diabetes, so...."

    Watching her try to dig herself out of this hole she'd created was, shall we say, interesting? I didn't try to embarrass her, but she couldn't stop apologising. Ouch, it was rather painful to watch. It was clearly one of those moments where trying to advocate would be lost, because she just wouldn't stop apologising, and I couldn't get a word in edgeways. So I just told her it was all ok, and did she take card?

    She did take card.

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    1. Nice! I would've loved to be able to see the look on her face when you responded that way... priceless, I'm sure! Anyhow, good response to her reaction and glad that she took the card to help you get the shoes!

    2. I too would have paid good money to see the look on her face!

    3. Emma said...

      Haha and no discount on the shoes either? xD

    4. Cara said...

      Well that had to be fun. :P I'll bet she never uses that sales pitch ever again! :D

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