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  1. Going Live

    Tuesday, 26 October 2010

    Here's a blast from the past for those of you who read from the UK, and something to boggle the minds of those of you from elsewhere in the world.

    Who remembers Going Live? Ah, Phillip Schofield when he still had colour in his hair, and of course the national institution that was Gordon the Gopher. Saturday morning kids' TV at its 'finest', in that wonderfully tacky late 80's and early 90's glory. Happy days.

    So whilst I want to talk about going live, it's not that going live. Maybe another day?

    I've been given my date for going live on the pump. Over the phone, I'm still waiting on the letter. But it looks like my 'plugging in day', as the clinic admin told me on the phone, will be Tuesday 23rd November. Wow. That's soon. I'd been thinking that it would have been in December, and pushing it to be happening before Christmas. Stranger things have happened though. 

    In the end, I had a choice between three - the Accu-Check Spirit Combo by Roche, the Paridigm Veo by Medtronic, and the Animas 2020.I know how lucky I am to have a choice in the matter, so I spent a long time thinking about it before making my choice. Or at least I think I did. Andrew seems fairly certain I made my mind up pretty quickly, and just didn't want to commit to having made a decision. 

    Well, despite having some rather 'interesting' information told to me by the three reps, at an hour that I'd much rather be having my tea/dinner (depending on your part of the country), and the hours of contemplation, I did finally make a decision.

    I've gone with the Animas 2020, in 'it goes with everything' black. I was torn, colour wise, but came to the conclusion that I could always get skins for it. 

    In the end, the Animas just had an awful lot of features that I liked. I enjoyed the fact it had a customisable database, the low bolus and basal incriments, and I just liked the aesthetic. The screen was large, clear, and didn't remind me of a late 80's text adventure game. The fact that the Paradigm Veo is CGM ready was something that was holding me back, but after a frank discussion with the DSNs, it seemed that with the way the country's funding is being 'handled' at the moment, the chances of sensors being available more freely within the four years I'd be tied to the pump are so slim as to make it rather a moot point. So with that not really an issue, the Animas won out for me.

    There were 8 or 9 people in my initial pump meeting, when we met with the different reps. It seemed a mixed group, and I don't think everyone was necessarily convinced about pumping full stop. So it will be interesting to see who comes back, and which pumps they choose. 

    I'm not sure how I'm feeling about it all, to be perfectly honest. I thinking having the choice of pump has helped me feel a bit more in control, and I'm certainly more convinced that I was to start with. I just need positivity about the whole process, which I've been getting for the most part from wonderful people on Twitter, and in the real world as well. I know as it gets nearer, I'll become slightly terrified, because that's just the way I am. I just need to get over that initial first hurdle.

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    1. Cara said...

      I'm happy for you! :) Yay!

    2. Interesting, can't wait to hear how it goes once you get started! I find it interesting, too, on the whole health care aspect and CGM sensor funding - you being in the UK and myself in the US, we gripe about the same things. We have private insurers denying us, and we want universal coverage; while you say the same things about the country's funding scheme. All in it together, we are! Anyhow, I probably would've made the same choice. Good luck with the start!

    3. Anonymous said...

      ANIMAS FTW. Your pumpaversary is close to mine. I started last November. I think it's awesome my pumpaversary, diaversary, and cgmaversary all fall in November, with World Diabets Day/Diabetes Awareness Month! Hurrah! Can't wait to see how things go for you.

    4. Shelley B said... pleased for you Bec :0)bring on the pumping :0)you sooo deserve it and you are gonna love love love it!!! Loves ya girl :0) x x x

    5. Karen said...

      Best of luck to you! I've been pumping for almost 8 years now, and wouldn't go back for anything. Take care and be well!

    6. Louisa from DS said...

      Gorgeous looking pump Becky! All the best luck x

    7. Anonymous said...

      Cool! I bet you'll love it. I've had my pump for over a year and every time I try to take a break from it, I miss it...or at least the better managed numbers I get with it. Good luck!

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