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  1. Lantus update

    Sunday, 31 January 2010

    Lantus is turning out to be rather a mixed bag. I've knocked it down to 3 units, as I mentioned last time. As a whole, my numbers have come down, which is obviously a good thing. But the problem now seems to be that hypo-free days are becoming a bit of a rarity. Which is not good. So I'm not quite sure what to do with the whole thing, to be honest!

    In other news, pudding package number two has arrived, courtesy of my amazing friend, Jaime. I know have enough sugar free pudding and jelly to last me a good while! Hoorah! 

    I am also seriously considering taking part in an event I've come across, to raise money for JDRF. It's called the Rat Race Urban Adventure Series, and it's done in a three person team. You can either do a whole weekend, which involves free-running, biking and kayaking and climbing, or you can do an insane 10-15k 2.5 hour treasure hunt. Not known for being great on a bike, or having EVER been in a kayak, I'm leaning more towards doing the first evening event only. Unless someone is willing to sponsor me a substantial sum to see me make a prat out of myself?

    Just a thought!

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    1. shiv said...

      that challenge sounds great...i'd be up for teaming together (i bet we could rope Sam in as well?!) to do it? if you fancy teaming up, i mean?

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