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    Wednesday, 24 June 2009

    So I was waiting most of today on a call from my DSN (also called Becky), with the likelihood that she would have results of some blood tests I had done last week.

    Now there's a story in itself. Shortly after I was discharged, I switched from NovoMix 30 injections twice daily, to taking Lantus. NM was giving me way too many hypos due to the way it has its peaks. So having dialed down my doses to stupidly low amounts, and still having hypos, we decided to switch me to Lantus and NovoRapid (but holding off on the NR for the time being). All worked fairly well, but then the hypos started again. So we continued dialing down the Lantus, but added in some NR for spikes in my readings.

    But still the hypos came. (Now, as a side note, I feel like there's room in this story for a song similar to 'The Cat Came Back (The Very Next Day)" I'll have to have further thoughts on the matter) Eventually, after one that wouldn't shift for over an hour, the great and mighty minds at the clinic decided that they felt I was going through the Honeymoon Period (say it aloud, and you can totally hear the capital letters, for the record), and that, for the time being, I should come off my insulin.

    Yes, you read that correctly. Now it's amazing how quickly you can become conditioned to a thing. A month earlier, the idea of having to do daily injections was, let's say, a little frightening. Now, the idea of NOT doing them? Oh, trust me, we did not like that at all. So I carry on regardless. Have several spikes up to around 15 of an evening, and having to inject a few units of NR along the way.

    But going back to the blood tests mentioned at the beginning of this. I'd been told to have a veritable menagarie of tests done, including ones checking thyroid activity, a screen for coeliac disease, C Peptides, islet cells and GAD antibodies. As well as my fasting glucose level, HbA1C and the like. Seems that they're a little concerned how sensitive I was to my injections, and it's just to confirm I'm not a Type 2. Now my problem with this whole scenario, despite T2 being a very (in their words) slim possibility, is that I've just got used to one thing, and I could see it being very difficult to adjust to another. Plus I'd just bought myself a rather nice medical ID bracelet (mostly to appease my Mum), and I would be rather put out if I'd just wasted money on it.

    So these blood tests were round 2 of the same. The first lot, which were done fasting, I'd had done the evening after having a curry night round at my flat (yes - dinner parties and fasting bloods are not the best combination, but it was the only appointment they had!), and were with a wonderful nurse called Iffa (the nurse from DX Day [wow that sounds like a film!]) at my GP's surgery. Turns out though, that the C Peptide test has to be at the lab within 20 minutes. Not 60 hours, as it was when sample number 1 made it there.

    So I do sample number 2. And I've been waiting over a week for the results. So, they'll probably be there when I next check in with the clinic.

    In other news, I'm very excited about my Frio wallet for my pens. The pens, I did however discover, have passed the 28 day expiry from opening. So the 4 units I injected over the weekend were 'out of date'.

    But that's another story


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